Surgery 258

Surgery 258

December 7, 2021


This week's podcast is brought to you by the letters "N" and "O." As in "no new music again!" Write it up to (retail) day job holiday stresses or end of year pandemic exhaustion, whichever, but I've dug back into the archives to feature some favourite tracks from the past. Next episode will likely be comprised of a "best of" the overlooked music from the year, traditionally pointed out from perusing The Quietus best of year end lists. Enjoy

Oval - Scis (Thrill Jockey)

The North Sea - Exquisite Idols (Type)

Tujiko Noriko - Shojo Toshi (Editions Mego)

Nonkeen - The Gamble (R&S)

Nivhek - After It's Own Death / Walking in a Spiral Towards the House (W.25th)

Jim O'Rourke - Bad Timing (Drag City)

Oneohtrix Point Never - Returnal (Edtions Mego)

M. Ostermeier - The Rules of Another Small World (Tench)

On - Your Naked Ghost Comes Back at Night (DSA)

Off the Sky - It Is Impossible to Say Just What I Mean (Stilll)


Track Listing


Oval - T WI RR O R [0:00]

The North Sea - Cover Me With Knives [5:04]

Tujiko Noriko - Tokyo [10:26]

Nonkeen - Capstan [14:47]

Nivhek - Walking in a Spiral Towards the House [17:37]

Jim O'Rourke - Bad Timing [30:09]

Oneohtrix Point Never - Ouroboros [40:03]

M. Ostermeier - Retreating Night [42:00]

On - Too Many Demons Still Haunt This Land [45:55]

Off the Sky - Cold As Your Eyes Can Be [52:29]

Surgery 257

Surgery 257

November 23, 2021


This week's episode is brought to you by the letter "M." The usual process of assembling a new show is gathering interesting tracks over the period of two weeks between shows... lately usually from Bandcamp posts. This week, in a moment of bone-headedness I deleted the current folder of tracks thinking it was the old one... leaving me without anything to mix. So. 

Concurrently I am in the process, undertaken periodically, of listening through my collection of music... my physical collection of music... to refine and eliminate titles that seem superfluous, making room for new albums. Ongoing. In the part of the collection that relates to Surgery I am in the "M"s. 

Doing the show this way is weirdly nostalgic. In previous years it would always be put together from CDs. Compact Discs that I'd get as play copies and ones I'd buy. These days I still buy CDs... I'm too poor and space limited for vinyl and too old for cassettes... and the increasing number of labels that don't support the format is a little troubling. But maybe it's a blessing. Music I don't feel compelled to buy? No it's sad. I still feel compelled to buy... Sigh. 

Enjoy the show... the oldest track is from the Roy Montgomery album I bought second hand from a fine (CD only) store in Montreal that no longer exists. The newest (to me) is from the MKWAJU ensemble album, originally released in 1981 and recently reissue by the wonderful We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want label.


Midaircondo - Curtain Call (Twinseed Recordings)

MKWAJU ensemble - Ki-Motion (WRWTFWW)

Multicast Dynamics - Scandinavia (Denovali)

Mokira - Plee (Mille Plateaux)

Monolake - Ghosts (Imbalance Computer Music)

Memotone - I Sleep, At Waking (Black Acre)

Nico Muhly - Drones (Bedroon Community)

Murcof - Utopia (Leaf)

Roy Montgomery - Scenes from the South Island (Drunken Fish)

Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Horizontal Structures (Honest Jon's)


Track Listing


Midaircondo - Reports on the Horizon [0:00]

MKWAJU ensemble - Hot Air [3:15]

Multicast Dynamics - Kesto [11:25]

Mokira - Heartexplodes [18:26]

Monolake - Toku [25:03]

Memotone - Stalker [30:49]

Nico Muhly - Drones & Viola Part I (Material in D) [36:38]

Murcof - Muim (Colleen Mix) [40:20]

Roy Montgomery - Rainshadow Near Christchurch [44:40]

Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Structure 3 [49:41]

Surgery 256

Surgery 256

November 9, 2021


Nico Muhly - Gift of Fire OST (Bedroom Community)

Arovane - Reihen (12k)

Snowdrops - Inner Fires (Forwind)

Otto A Totland - Companion (Sonic Pieces)

Oliver Doerell / Jawad Salkhordeh - سایه (Sonic Pieces)

Leif - 9 Airs (AD93)

Samsuo - You Probably Think It's the Ocean (Elm Records)

Seaworthy & Matt Rösner - Snowmelt (12k)

David Allred - Driving Through the Aftermath of a Storm on a Clear Day (Dauw)

Miguel Isaza - Flor (Ediciones Éter)

Benjamin Finger - Voice Frames (Whitelabrecs)


Track Listing


Nico Muhly - Meeting [0:00]

Arovane - Ephemen [6:38]

Snowdrops - Elevation [11:36]

Otto A Totland - Companion [19:34]

Oliver Doerell / Jawad Salkhordeh - Sāje Schatten [23:25]

Leif - Every Weather [29:19]

Samsuo - You Probably Think [34:51]

Seaworthy & Matt Rösner - Spencer Creek Pt 1 [39:51]

David Allred - Driving [45:48]

Miguel Isaza - Inflexión [50:25]

Benjamin Finger - Time Gestures [54:56]

Surgery 255

Surgery 255

October 26, 2021


This week's episode features work across the career of one of my favourites: David Grubbs. There is recorded material that dates back to 1982 in his first band, Squirrel Bait, when Grubbs was just 15 years old... but for the purposes of this podcast we start a decade later with Gastr Del Sol. It was a batch of cassette promos from Drag City in the early 90s that introduced me to Grubbs and his then recording partner Jim O'Rourke with their album Crookt, Crackt, or Fly. It wasn't like anything I'd heard before, but I was so intrigued I followed it up by searching out his first solo album called Banana Cabbage, Potato Lettuce, Onion Orange released on the equally intriguing label Table of the Elements. Nearly 30 years later I'm still filling in blanks spots in my collection. Hope you enjoy this small sample that is sequenced in chronological order... and because of some odd snafu the track times were lost on the document, but the track progression should be obvious. Thanks!

Gastr Del Sol - The Serpentine Similar (Teenbeat)

David Grubbs - The Thicket (Drag City)

Gastr Del Sol - Camoufleur (Drag City)

David Grubbs - The Coxcomb (Rectangle)

David Grubbs - The Spectrum Between (Drag City)

Loren Connors / David Grubbs - Arborvitae (Hapna)

Grubbs / Gustafsson - Off-Road (Blue Chopsticks)

David Grubbs - An Optimist Notes the Dusk (Drag City)

Belfi / Grubbs / Pilia - Onrushing Cloud (Blue Chopsticks)

David Grubbs - The Plain Where the Palace Stood (Drag City)

David Grubbs - Prismrose (Blue Chopsticks)

David Grubbs - Creep Mission (Blue Chopsticks)


Track Listing


Gastr Del Sol - Eye Street 

David Grubbs - Swami Vivekananda Way 

Gastr Del Sol - A Puff of Dew 

David Grubbs - Avocado Orange 

David Grubbs - Two Shades of Green

Loren Connors / David Grubbs - Blossom Time 

Grubbs / Gufstafsson - Pumpkin Creek 

David Grubbs - Gethsemani Night

Belfi / Grubbs / Pilia - Hermitage

David Grubbs - Abracadabrant

David Grubbs - Nightfall in the Covered Cage

David Grubbs - The C in Certain

Surgery 254

Surgery 254

October 12, 2021


Zhalih - They Call (Laaps)

Anthéne - Maritime (Ambientologist)

Dear Stream - Album 001 (Shimmering Moods)

Neve - Isadora (Rusted Tone Recordings)

Open to the Sea - Watering a Paper Flower (Facture)

Cartridge Grain - Sattwa (Krysalisound)

Yttrandet - Yttrandet (Nothern Electronics)

Rival Consoles - Overflow (Erased Tapes)

Sonae - Summer (Laaps)

Crystal Quartez - Sonic Blooming (Beacon Sound)


Track Listing


Zhalih - Visions of Clay [0:00]

Anthéne - Winter Sun [2:41]

Dear Stream - Persona [8:02]

Neve - Vallées [13:30]

Open to the Sea - Shallows of the Black Sea [21:08]

Cartridge Grain - Episode I [25:06]

Yttrandet - Capillary Wave [29:39[

Rival Consoles - Monster [33:59]

Sonae - La Nuit [44:03]

Crystal Quartez - Germination [50:48]

Surgery 66

Surgery 66

September 28, 2021


In case you can't tell by the bizarre and garish chicken graphic, this is a "vintage" Surgery Radio episode, originally posted on the old site September 23, 2008. New music resumes in two weeks! Thanks for listening.

Andy Stott - Unknown Exception (Modern Love)

Byetone - Death Of A Typographer (Raster-Noton)

B. Fleischmann - Angst Is Not A Weltanschauung! (Morr Music)

Ragliani - Of Sirens Born (Kranky)

The Alps - III (Type)

Holy Sons - Decline Of The West (Partisan)

Alva Noto - Unitxt (Raster-Noton)

Ryoji Ikeda - Test Pattern (Raster-Noton)

Agathe Max - This Silver String (Xeric)

Grails - Doomsdayer's Holiday (Temporary Residence)

Various - Kalk Seeds (Karaoke Kalk)

Heidi Marie Kjersem - A Killer For That Ache (Rune Grammofon)


Track Listing


Andy Stott - Massacre [0:00]

Byetone - Straight [6:59]

B. Fleischmann - 24.12. [11:10]

Ragliani - Jubilee [14:51]

The Alps - Hallucinations [21:31]

Holy Sons - Kindred Spirit [28:54]

Alva Noto - U_04 [30:46]

Ryoji Ikeda - Test Pattern #0111 [35:58]

Agathe Max - Black Needle [40:59]

Grails - The Natural Man [47:50]

Wechsel Garland - Tiny Stars [52:24]

Heidi Marie Kjersem - London Bridge [54:52]

Surgery 253

Surgery 253

September 14, 2021


Tim Hecker - The North Water (Score) (Lakeshore)

Troth - Oak Corridor (Knekelhuis)

Francisco Sonur - Kind of Happiness (Rusted Tone Records)

Midori Hirano - Soniscope (dauw)

Megan Alice Clune - If You Do (Room40)

Kristof Hahn - Six Pieces (Room40)

Andrew Pekler & Giuseppe Ielasi - Palimpsests (Shelter Press)

mastroKristo - Departures (Lost Tribe Sound)

Trigg & Gusset - Black Ocean (Preserved Sound)

Nhung Nguyen, Giulio Aldinucci, Offthesky - On Wonders and Things Unseen (Elm Records)

Gallowglas - I dream I see you hit the water, I dream I see you change your mind (Lost Tribe Sound)

Fortresses - Eve (Dragon's Eye Recordings)


Track Listing


Tim Hecker - Our First Whale [0:00]

Troth - When the Rivers Were the Highways [4:55]

Francisco Sonur - To Preserve Her Worlds [7:47]

Midori Hirano - Missing Night [13:35]

Megan Alice Clune - The Swirl of the Void [17:25]

Kristof Hahn - Cape Horn [20:41]

Andrew Pekler & Giuseppe Ielasi - Simferopol [27:00]

mastroKristo - Waves [29:58]

Trigg & Gusset - Ominous Clouds [34:09]

Nhung Nguyen, Giulio Aldinucci, Offthesky - Waves and Light II [40:06]

Gallowglas - Hostage [47:01]

Fortresses - June [52:28]

Surgery 252

Surgery 252

August 31, 2021


Dylan Henner - PSALM005: Amtracks (Phantom Limb)

Bruno Bavota - For Apartments: Songs and Loops (Temporary Residence Ltd)

Razen - Blue Rot (Hands in the Dark)

Adrian Lane - The Fleet (Whitelabrecs)

Kuki Takahara - See-through Remixes (flau)

Chaz Knapp - Organ Drunes Bsides (figureight)

Powell - Piano Music 1-7 (Editions Mego)

Mary Lattimore - Collected Pieces 2015-2020 (Ghostly International)

Scanner - Earthbound Transmissions (Room40)

Space Afrika - Honest Labour (Dais Records)

Earth House Hold - Daybreak Basements and Broken Hearts (ASIP)


Track Listing


Dylan Henner - Exton [0:00]

Bruno Bavota - Apartment Loop #2 [5:53]

Razen - Blue Rot (5th) [12:07]

Adrian Lane - One Changed Summer [16:09]

Kuki Takahara - Chime (Federico Durand Remix) [20:01]

Chaz Knapp - Baby's First Drune [24:07]

Powell - Piano Music #1 [29:34]

Mary Lattimore - We Wave from Our Boats [37:35]

Scanner - Drones Places 02 [41:14]

Space Afrika - Ladybird Drone [47:31]

Earth House Hold - Acid Lies, Ageless Loves [49:51]


Click on label links to purchase individual albums. Support the artists.

Surgery 251

Surgery 251

August 17, 2021


The Phonometrician - El Mar Convertido en Oceano (Lost Tribe Sound)

Glåsbird - Siberia (Whitelabrecs)

From the Mouth of the Sun - Light Caught the Edges (Lost Tribe Sound)

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Emile Mosseri - I Could Be Your Dog (Prequel) (Ghostly)

Mikael Lind - Geographies (Dronarivm)

K Nogami - ao (Krysalisound)

Scanner - Scanni (Cherry Red)

MPU101 - ITX022 (Ilian Tape)

Rachika Naya - Fragments (RVNG)

Alexander Motovilov - A Simple Story (1631 Records)

offthesky & Rin Howell - aSpritual (Facture)

Jakob Lindhagen & Dag Rosenqvist - Stadsbilder (Time Released Sound)


Track Listing


The Phonometrician - El Mar de la Memoria Silenciada [0:00]

Glåsbird - Last Ritual [3:37]

From the Mouth of the Sun - For a Moment We Were Weightless [7:51]

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Emile Mosseri - Log in Your Fire [15:20]

Mikael Lind - Desolation [18:07]

K Nogami - ao2 [23:35]

Scanner - Golden Light [29:03]

MPU 101 - M185​-​2SYS1M [33:43]

Rachika Naya - Redeye [41:38]

Alexander Motovilov - Monochrome [43:45]

offthesky & Rin Howell - Suspension [45:33]</p

Jakob Lindhagen & Dag Rosenqvist - Under Hamnen [55:49]

Surgery 250 : Peter Rehberg

Surgery 250 : Peter Rehberg

August 3, 2021


I had been planning a themed program for episode 250 but hadn't settled on an artist or a label to spotlight when the unfortunate news of Peter Rehberg's death was announced. At the time I was first digging into the world of experimental music a good portion of my listening time was spent in the world of micro electronic improvisation, which was also a world Rehberg inhabited. Over time it became clear that his focus and talent was multivalent, easily crossing invisible boundaries of noise, electroacoustic, ambient, and occasionally even approaching melody. It was his stewardship of the Editions Mego (formally simply Mego) label that is probably his enduring legacy, allowing so many stellar artists a platform to debut and develop over its 25 year span. This is a small sampling of his projects, both individual and collaborative to illustrate his singular vision.


Fenn'o'berg - The Magic Sound of Fenn O'Berg (Editions Mego)

Peter Rehberg - Fremdkoerper (Mosz)

R/S - One (Snow Mud Rain) (Erstwhile)

Shampoo Boy - Crack (Blackest Ever Black)

MIMEO and John Tilbury - The Hands of Caravaggio (Erstwhile)

DACM - Stéréotypie (Asphodel)

Peterlicker - Nicht (Editions Mego)

Peter Rehberg - Works for GV 2004-2008 (Editions Mego)

KTL - VII (Editions Mego)


Track Listing


Fenn O'Berg - Fenn O'Berg Theme [0:00]

Peter Rehberg - 1407 [9:58]

R/S - 4 [14:56]

Shampoo Boy - Spalt [21:35]

MIMEO and John Tilbury - The Hands of Caravaggio 3 [30:54]

DACM - Angel [38:04]

Peterlicker - Raised on Rock [45:17]

Peter Rehberg - ML3 [50:29]

KTL - The Director [56:04]

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