Surgery 82


Sorry once again for the delay!! Besides Covid-19 making things difficult, my home computer died about a week ago, trapping a folder of tracks I had earmarked for the next episode. Working to get things sorted, but for now here is a "vintage" episode originally posted on June 19, 2009. Stay Safe!!

Agf.3 Sue.C - Mini Movies (Asphodel)

The Boats - Words Are Something Else (Home Normal)

Loess - Burrows (n5MD)

Konntinent - Degrees, Integers (Symbolic Interaction)

Sleep Whale - Little Brite (Western Vinyl)

Riceboy Sleeps - S/T (Parlophone)

Porn Sword Tobacco - Everything Is Music To The Ear (City Centre Offices)

Charity Chan - Somewhere The Sea And Salt (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Starving Weirdos - Into An Energy (Bo' Weavil)

Icarus - Sylt Remixes (Rump)

Various - Iceberg (CCCLTD)

Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto - Ensemble Modern (Raster-Noton)

Joelle Leandre & Quentin Sirjacq - Out Of Nowhere (Ambiances Magnetiques)


Track Listing


Agf.3 Sue.C - Geneva [0:00]

The Boats - This song has been intentionally left blank [4:12]

Loess - Thresh [7:39]

Konntinent - It Was Almost Effortless [10:33]

Sleep Whale - Sleep Whale [15:39]

Riceboy Sleeps - Daniell In The Sea [20:16]

Porn Sword Tobacco - Spectrum Campfire [27:00]

Charity Chan - Sea Nocks [29:57]

Starving Weirdos - Everything Glass [32:13]

Ivan Pavlov - KEET'98 (oxy mix) [39:48]

Galerie Stratique - Icebourge [45:05]

Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto - Broken Line 1 [49:07]

Joelle Leandre & Quentin Sirjacq - Hallucinations [55:09]

Surgery 221


Something a little bit diffrent this week. a decidedly nostalgic and more indie rock leaning show. With all the extra time afforded by not working I've undertaken sorting through the albums in my collection and cobbling together a top 100 desert island titles. Essentially, if I was forced to reduce the collection down to 100 albums, currently owned, what would they be? This week's show is a sample of the contenders. None are promised a place on what I've been calling the #ark100titles, but they are in the running. You can follow my progress over @surgeryradio on Instagram. Enjoy.

Hood - Cold House (Aesthetics)

Flying Saucer Attack - Further (Drag City)

Yume Bitsu - Auspicious Winds (K)

Alexander Tucker - Third Mouth (Thrill Jockey)

Jane Weaver - Loops in the Secret Society (Fire)

Unrest - Imperial F.F.R.R. (Teenbeat)

The Notwist - Neon Golden (Domino)

Aarktica - Bleeding Light (Darla)

Arthur Russell - World of Echo (Audika)

James Blake - S/T (A&M)

Rivulets - Debridement (Chairkickers)

Valet - Blood is Clean (Kranky)


Track Listing


Hood - The Winter Hit Hard [0:00]

Flying Saucer Attack - She is the Daylight [5:45]

Yume Bitsu - Doctor Trips [9:51]

Alexander Tucker - Third Mouth [14:41]

Jane Weaver - Cells (Loops Variation) [17:37]

Unrest - Imperial [23:12]

The Notwist - Neon Golden [31:09]

Aarktica - OJ Gude [37:02]

Arthur Russell - Being It [41:45]

James Blake - Lindisfarne I [46:59]

Rivulets - The Sunsets Can Be Beautiful (Even in Chicago) [49:36]

Valet - Sade 4 Bri [54:02]

Surgery 220


Magdalena Solo - Aceptar el Destino (Éter)

Félicia Atkinson - Everything Evaporate (Shelter Press)

Kailin - Shallow Depths (Blank Editions)

Razen - Robot Brujo (Hands in the Dark)

Akisai - Travelers (Schole)

Justin Wright - Peter Broderick Plays Justin Wright (First Terrace)

Laurin Huber - Juncture (Hallow Ground)

Taylor Deupree - Objects I've Been Given (12k)

Noveller - When I Last Saw Jesse (Bandcamp)

Matt Karmil - STS371 (Smalltown Supersound)


Track Listing


Magdalena Solo - Agua en el Espacio [0:00]

Félicia Atkinson - Everything Evaporate [4:42]

Kailin - Drown Good [11:04]

Razen - IV [18:53]

Akisai - Ecossaise [29:28]

Justin Wright - Modular Winter (Peter Broderick Piano Rework) [33:01]

Laurin Huber - Juncture [36:17]

Taylor Deupree - March (nickel chiming heart bell) [45:54]

Noveller - The Last Time I Saw Jesse [53:34]

Matt Karmil - Smoke [56:02]

Surgery 27


Sorry this is a day late once again. With all the adjustments having to do with Covid-19, not least of which is an unrelated ear infection or blockage that I’ve been fighting for a week or so now, this episode risked getting lost in the shuffle. But instead it seemed appropriate to go with a “vintage” show from a simpler time; August 4, 2006 to be exact. I’ve updated the artwork for this show from the original because the early “mascot” figure with his mask fit the aesthetic of the day. I hope you’re all staying safe, staying home as much as possible, and enjoying episodes of Surgery. They seem built for this. Cheers


One Second Bridge - S/T (Büro)

Susanna and the Magical Orchestra - Melody Mountain (Rune Grammofon)

Marsen Jules - Les Fleurs (City Center Offices)

Tujiko Noriko - (Shojo Toshi+) (Mego)

Various - Kammerflimmer Kollektief Remixed (Staubgold)

Phonophani - S/T (Rune Grammofon)

Solenoid - Supernature (Disc)

Grizzly Bear - Horn of Plenty (The Remixes) (Kanine)

Lindstrom & Prins Thomas - S/T (Eskimo)

Anthony Rother - Super Space Model (Datapunk)

Ran Slavin - Insomniac City (Mille Plateaux)

Sébastien Roux - Songs (12k)


Track Listing


One Second Bridge - The Ghost

Susanna and the Magical Orchestra - Love Will Tear Us Apart

Marsen Jules - Coeur Saignant

Tujiko Noriko - (Marble Waltz)

Radian - Radian On Equilibrium

Phonophani - Ring

Solenoid - Protein

Grizzly Bear - La Ducess Anne (Safety Scissors rmx)

Lindstrom & Prins Thomas - Don O Van Budd

Anthony Rother - Sleep

Ran Slavin - Planes and Violins

Sébastien Roux - The Classical Guitar Song

Surgery 219


Fean - II (Laaps)

Celia Hollander - Recent Futures (Leaving)

Ital Tek - Outland (Planet Mu)

Dag Rosenqvist - Fields (self-released)

Gavin Miller - Bradford Telephone Exchange (Shimmering Moods)

Anders Holst - Spirituum Terrae (Scissor Tail)

Seabuckthorn - Through A Vulnerable Occur (IIKKI)

Zelienople - Hold You Up (Miasmah)

Merrin Karras - Northwest Passage (ASIP)

Christopher Bissonnette - The Wine Dark Sea (Dronarivm)

Rafael Anton Irisarri - Peripeteia (Dais)

Sylvain Chauveau - Life Without Machines (flau)


Track Listing


Fean - Swellen [0:00]

Celia Hollander - Santa Ana Wind Burn [3:45]

Ital Tek - Deadhead [10:02]

Dag Rosenqvist - Gold (feat. Benoit Pioulard [13:59]

Gavin Miller - Akureyri [19:17]

Anders Holst - A Transient Sheen of Green [27:25]

Seabuckthorn - Other Other [30:08]

Zelienople - Hold You Up [35:36]

Merrin Karras - Passage [43:28]

Christopher Bissonnette - Black Will Swallow the Red [49:12]

Rafael Anton Irisarri - Arduous Clarity [54:17]

Sylvain Chauveau - e [58:30]

Surgery 218


Helen Money - Atomic (Thrill Jockey)

Jacek Doroszenko - Infinite Values (Time Released Sound)

Ethan Braun - READ ME (figureight)

Test Card - Music for the Towers (Sound in Silence)

Evan Caminiti - Varispeed Hydra (Dust Editions)

Ian William Craig - Red Sun Through Smoke (FatCat)

Michael Vallera - Window In (Denovali)

Blochemy - nebe (Whitelabrecs)

Rime Trails - Among the Farthest Hebrides (Shimmering Moods)

Brendon Moeller - Materialize (Vibrant Music)


Track Listing


Helen Money - Coil [0:00]

Jacek Doroszenko - Translating Calculations [4:36]

Ethan Braun - You watch, I Listen, for computer, guitar and voice [10:35]

Test Card - Data Taken Over Under Rating [20:23]

Evan Caminiti - Hand in Flame [27:20]

Ian William Craig - Weight [30:52]

Michael Vallera - Hours [37:20]

Blochemy - foim [44:08]

Rime Trails - Cean Ear III [48:17]

Brendon Moeller- Staying In [54:09]

Surgery 217


Sunda Arc - Tides (Gondwana)

Furrows - A Thin Veneer (Courier)

Zoltan Fecso - Entering and Emerging (Shimmering Moods)

Tukico - Become (Hush Hush)

Jacaszek - Music for Film (Ghostly)

Asa Tone - Temporary Music (Leaving)

Pefkin - Celestial Navigations (Morc)

Sylvain Chauveau - Simple (130701)

Blinkar från Norr - Metaphors for Things (A Strangely Isolated Place)

Francesco Giannico - Destroyed By Madness (Unknown Tone)


Track Listing


Sunda Arc - Cluster [0:00]

Furrows - Once Planted Never Moved [6:21]

Zoltan Fecso - Surroundings [12:16]

Tukico - Part of Brand New World [21:17]

Jacaszek - The Zone [25:43]

Asa Tone - River at Work [29:08]

Pefkin - Celestial Navigations [33:03]

Sylvain Chauveau - Au Nombre Des Choses [44:11]

Blinkar från Norr - Disconnection from Reality [49:36]

Francesco Giannico - Hysterical Naked [56:26]

ida photo

photo from Instagram


Ida Toninato was born in France, but has been based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada for a few years now. A baritone sax player, composer and improviser, her first solo album, Strangeness is Gratitude,  was released in 2016 on Montreal's Kohlenstoff Records.  This was followed up in 2018 by The Space Between Us, a duo album produced with viola player Jennifer Thiessen, and released on the Actuelle label. That album went on to be nominated for a 2019 Juno in the Instrumental Album of the Year category.

Her new album, We Become Giants, is due for release later this month on California's Dragon's Eye Recordings. It was recorded at The Tank Center for Sonic Arts in Colorado, and features some truly deep sounds and inspired composition, delivering an ambient experience that vibrates both the physical and ephemeral core.

we become giants



How did this project come about? Did you approach the Tank Center or were you approached?


I've been scavenging reverberant spaces or uncommon acoustics for a while now and a friend of mine read an article in The New Yorker about the Tank Center, and sent it to me. I contacted them and rented the space for a few days to record.


At the time were you thinking of it as an album project, or just a chance to record in the space?


I had the idea of an album, for sure, but I didn't have any idea of how it would sound. There are recordings made there online, but nothing that's close to my music. And I really wanted to work with Blaise BorboÎn-Leonard for the recording and the mixing. I had the idea of a synthetic sonic space, created in the studio, that would be wrapped around or inside the natural reverb. The concept was kind of clear to me, but the actual pieces, melodies and stuff, weren’t very elaborated before going there. I had sketches of melodies, and played them, arranged, tried things until we had enough sound in our ears.


How was the experience of playing in the space?


Purely mesmerizing. It's giant. It is very out-of-this-world being how the Tank is located in the high desert of Colorado, so when you are inside, you play with 40 seconds of reverb, and when you step outside, it is silent, mountains, dust.  The sun is really high and the ground burnt.

The 40 seconds of reverb is like an instrument that becomes activated as soon as you start to play, and since the Tank is circular and metal, it is a type of reverb I had never experienced before. The beating patterns didn't feel like something I could plan or imagine in advance, so it was a real dive in the present moment, just dive and play, and listen, listen.


How much material did you have to work with, and how long did the editing take once you had recorded?


I had around 3 hours of music recorded there, and the editing in studio took a few months. We took our time really to get to the final result.


Were you surprised by anything you heard, listening back?


It's kind of strange to record in a place where you are inside the sound, and then to listen to the music on speakers. It's another experience, totally. Oh, and then I heard a real shift between the first day of recording and the following ones. The first was very much around extended techniques and like "classical contemporary stuff", but it didn't feel like it was the best thing to do there. It's not a surprise but still, it is a surprise, to hear how a certain space can trigger different type of music. It's like the space tells you "what about getting out of your zone and truly come to meet with me?"


Knowing the properties of the space now, is it tempting to try recording there again, or is it more interesting to find new spaces and the possibilities they offer?


Ohhhhhh... BOTH!! Haha, I would go back any time. I'd be curious to try feedback there.


Do you have any other space already in your sights?


In terms of other spaces, I'd really love to explore natural spaces, like a cave with a lake... or a cave with gems, or a forest, very deep, with super tight bamboos clicking against one another... I would also love to try a cistern, just like this one, and to have the possibility of playing close to the ceiling, to see how it is from above. Is the sound different up there?


So, in your mind, does a recording like this exist purely on album, or have you considered ways to bringing it to a live audience?


I'm currently working on a way to bring it to a live audience. I suppose that there are three types of experiences: the actual Tank and how it feels there, the album that has its specific sound, and the live experience which will be slightly different too. There will be live video as well, with footage from the Tank, so I'm going for something that will be between the Tank, the stage, and all the in-between possibilities


Despite its deep resonance, the baritone sax is not an instrument usually associated with ambient music, but your work is definitely interested in it... has this always been the case, or is it something that developed over time?


It's really a part of me in development. I come from written contemporary music, and didn't pay much attention to ambient music when I was younger. But now I'm really interested in going inside the sound. I have as much pleasure listening to filtered white noise as a symphony or anything else. And I want to play and create music that's about connecting with spaces. I think that the ambient tone is a result of playing with reverb and spaces, because that type of set up requires time, to take the time, to go deep inside. And I'm really interested in deepening my connection with electronic music and electronic instruments.


What do you have planned for 2020, for touring, recording, etc?


For 2020 I'm writing a piece for 4 electric guitars, one for an improvised music ensemble. I'm putting together the live version of We Become Giants.  I'm becoming an Ableton Master (ok this is partly in my dreams still but it is slowly emerging in reality). I'm touring with my wonderful duet partner Jennifer Thiessen and I'm going to Yukon for the first time to play there. I have a collaboration with a French ensemble called Ars Nova, for a new piece by Pierre Michaud and hopefully a few other things.



Surgery 216


Ocoeur - Everything (n5MD)

Louise Bock - Sketches for Winter VII - Abyss: For Cello (Geographic North)

Yui Onodera - Moire (Room40)

Ida Toninato - We Become Giants (Dragon's Eye Recordings)

Seigen Tokuzawa & Masaki Hayashi - Drift (flau)

Rebecca Foon - Waxing Moon (Constellation)

Windy & Carl - Allegiance and Conviction (Kranky)

Machinefabriek - Stillness Soundtracks II (Glacial Movements)

Xu(e) - Music for Vanished People (Shimmering Moods)

Visionary Hours - Coalescence of Forms (Hidden Vibes)


Track Listing


Ocoeur - Glow [0:00]

Louise Bock - Oolite [5:09]

Yui Onodera - Moire 1 [11:50]

Ida Toninato - We Become Giants [14:21]

Seigen Tokuzawa & Masaki Hayashi - Iambic 9 Poetry [27:39]

Rebecca Foon - Wide Open Eyes [30:51]

Windy & Carl - Crossing Over [34:30]

Machinefabriek - Stillness #7 (Antarctic Sound, Antarctica) [40:06]

Xu(e) - 17.819 (Mediterranean Sea 2014-1018) - feat. Zenjungle [48:46]

Visionary Hours - In Motion Slow [53:34]

Surgery 215


Henning Schmiedt - Schlafen (flau)

Dakota Suite & Quentin Sirjacq - the indestructibility of the already felled (Schole)

The Alvaret Ensemble - ea (Laaps)

Midori Hirano - Invisible Hand (Sonic Pieces)

Mute Forest - Riderstorm (Lost Tribe)

Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri - Una Presencia En La Brisa (ASIP)

Frederik Valentin & Loke Rahbek - Elephant (Posh Isolation)

Still Life - for a long time i went to bed early (Hush Hush)

Transtilla II - Transtilla II (Midira)

Aidan Baker / Gareth Davis - Invisible Cities (Karlrecords)


Track Listing


Henning Schmiedt - und ausatmen [0:00]

Dakota Suite & Quentin Sirjacq - these nights without you [4:09]

The Alvaret Ensemble - Wiete Wylgen [8:26]

Midori Hirano - Coil [17:17]

Mute Forest - Dance the Spell Off [21:27]

Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri - El Reflejo Que El Sol Ha Perdido [24:37]

Frederik Valentin & Loke Rahbek - Scarlett [29:57]

Still Life - turning - after parting [37:55]

Transtilla II - Assemblage 2008 [41:21]

Aidan Baker / Gareth Davis - Names [53:52]

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