Surgery 230

Surgery 230

October 13, 2020


Brin - Homescreen Glow (Leaving Records)

Halftribe - Cloud Dreaming and Shadows (Shimmering Moods)

Emanuele Errante - Yon (Facture)

Lau Nau & Matti Bye - Signals (Time Released Sound)

Tomas Jirku - Touching the Sublime (Silent Season)

Penelope Trappes - Eel Drip (Houndstooth)

Stephan Mathieu & Ekkehard Ehlers - Heroin (Schwebung)

Ian William Craig & Daniel Lentz - FRKWYS Vol. 16: In a Word (RVNG)

Several Wives - Veil on Veil (Lost Tribe Sound)

Juha Mäki-Patola - Breath (Hush Hush)

Bålsam - Midnight Visions (Shimmering Moods)

Akira Kosemura - True Mothers OST (Schole Records)


Track Listing


Brin - Soft Gaiden [0:00]

Halftribe - Sometimes in the Sky [5:31]

Emanuele Errante - Visions [10:00]

Lau Nau & Matti Bye - Cloud Circles [13:28]

Tomas Jirku - Idiis Mortii [18:34]

Penelope Trappes - Eel Drip [26:10]

Stephan Mathieu & Ekkehard Ehlers - Supertramp [30:23]

Ian William Craig & Daniel Lentz - Poire [36:26]

Several Wives - Myth of Brilliant Summers [41:56]

Juha Mäki-Patola - Sanctuary [43:57]

Bålsam - Plasma Rain [51:30]

Akira Kosemura - Our Home [57:17]

Surgery 229

Surgery 229

September 29, 2020


Brendon Randall-Myers - Dynamic of Vanishing Bodies (New Focus Recordings)

Robin Allender - Tape Dreams II (Unknown Tone)

Frederico Mosconi - Sails (Unknown Tone)

Sarah Hennies - The Reinvention of Romance (Astral Spirits)

Nicolas Jaar - Telas (Other People)

J. Pavone String Ensemble - Lost & Found (Astral Spirits)

Ellen Fullman & Theresa Wong - Harbors (Room40)


Track Listing


Brendon Randall-Myers - Auras [0:00]

Robin Allender - Green Sees Things in Waves [7:59]

Frederico Mosconi - Sail and Moonlight [18:14]

Sarah Hennies - The Reinvention of Romance (excerpt) [23:13]

Nicolas Jaar - Telallás [30:27]

J. Pavone String Ensemble - Rise and Fall [43:04]

Ellen Fullman & Theresa Wong - Harbors Part 2 [52:23]

Surgery 228

Surgery 228

September 15, 2020


NOR_POL - Construction (Zoharum)

Schmo - Spring Story (flau)

Heathered Pearls - Cast (Ghostly)

Yadayn - Elders (Lost Tribe Sound)

Phew - Vertigo KO (Disciples)

Masma Dream World - Play At Night (Northern Spy)

Eartheater - Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin (PAN)

Ana Roxanne - Because of a Flower (Kranky)

David Cordero - Honne (Dronarivm)

IHVH - The Agnostic (Time Released Sound)

Numün - Voyage au soleil (Musique Impossible)

Telepathic Band - Telepathic Mysteries Vol. 1 (577 Records)

Suso Sáiz & Suzanne Kraft - Between No Things (Music From Memory)


Track Listing


NOR_POL - Durational (Jazz Version) [0:00]

Schmo - January Februrary [4:54]

Heathered Pearls - Salvaged Copper [8:39]

Yadayn - Elders I [11:50]

Phew - The Void [18:04]

Masma Dream World - Bear Lounge [23:10]

Eartheater - Below the Clavicle [26:10]

Ana Roxanne - Suite pour l'invisible [30:15]

David Cordero - El elogio de la sombra [37:04]

IHVH - This Most Excellent Canopy [39:29]

Numün - First Steps [43:56]

Telepathic Band - SignGhost Theatre [49:19]

Suso Sáiz & Suzanne Kraft - Beloved Din [53:02]

Surgery 52

Surgery 52

September 1, 2020


Tied up most of last week with a few projects, so filling in with a "vintage" episode... this one originally aired on December 12 of 2007. Sorry about lack of track times and label links.


Pinch - Underwater Dancehall (Tectonic)

Various - A Number Of Small Things (Morr)

The Drift - Ceiling Sky (Temporary Residence)

Bogdan Raczynski - Alright! (Rephlex)

Astral Social Club - Neon Pibroch (Important)

Charalambides - Likeness (Kranky)

Origami Arktika - Trollebotn (Silber)

Toshinori Kondo - Silent Melodies (Stilll/Off)

Ateleia - Swimming Against The Moments (Antiopic)

Sylvain Chauveau - Nuage (Type)


Track Listing


Pinch - Widescreen

Teamforest - Home

The Drift - Gardening, Not Architecture (Fourtet Remix)

Bogdan Raczynski - Alright! Part Six

Astral Social Club - The Big Spree (edit)

Charalambides - Saddle Up The Pony

Origami Arktika - Fanteguten

Toshinori Kondo - Song For The Small Planet

Ateleia - Production And Poverty

Sylvain Chauveau - Fly Like A Horse

Surgery 227

Surgery 227

August 18, 2020


Josiah Steinbrick - Liquid / Devotion and Tongue Street Blue (Hands in the Dark)

Phillipp Rumsch - µ: of Anxiety x Discernment (Denovali)

Sankt Otten - Lieder für geometrische Stunden (Denovali)

Broshuda - Contemplative Figuration (Students of Decay)

Max Greening - Draft in Spring (Serein)

Oliver Coates - Skins n Slime (RVNG)

Francis M. Gri - Roots (Slow Music Movement)

Near the Parenthesis - Intervals (n5MD)

Khotin - Finds You Well (Ghostly)

Specimens - Café Songs (First Terrace Records)

Erik K. Skodvin - Anbessa (Miasmah)

Bartosz Dziadosz & Tomasz Mrenca - Black Lake (Infraction)

Fossil Hunting Collective - Vacancy (Ambientologist)


Track Listing


Josiah Steinbrick - Full Bloom [0:00]

Phillipp Rumsch - a3 [2:38]

Sankt Otten - Sentimentale Sequenzen [8:21]

Broshuda - Obj. Contraire (feat. Elen Huynh)[13:24]

Max Greening - Draft 01 [13:24]

Oliver Coates - Butoh Baby [19:03]

Francis M. Gri - Part 3 [22:14]

Near the Parenthesis - Second [27:59]

Khotin - WEM Lagoon Jump [22:08]

Specimens - Café 1 [36:59]

Erik K. Skodvin - Anbessa [41:38]

Bartosz Dziadosz & Tomasz Mrenca - Enlightenment [44:40]

Fossil Hunting Collective - A Tale of Two Endings (Pt. 1) [51:13]

Surgery 226

Surgery 226

August 4, 2020


New Tendencies - Everywhere (Conditional)

Giuseppe Ielasi - Five Wooden Frames (12k)

Henrik Meierkord - Zero Pulse Derivation (Subcontinental Records)

This Valley of Old Mountains - S/T (12k)

Snowdrops - Volutes (Injazero)

Christina Vantzou - Multi Natural (Edições CN)

Asher - Arrangements I (Room40)

KMRU - Opaquer (Dagoretti)

Cucina Povera - Tynni (Night School)

Chihei Hatakeyama - Void XXI (White Paddy Mountain)

Fossil Aerosol Mining Project / 400 Lonely Things- Nigths and Profecy (Helen Scarsdale Agency)


Track Listing


New Tendencies - 20 Year [0:00]

Giuseppe Ielasi - 04 [6:47]

Henrik Meierkord - Телефон [12:58]

This Valley of Old Mountains - Ksi [17:52]

Snowdrops - Ultraviolet [21:57]

Christina Vantzou - Wild beast research [28:16]

Asher - Arrangements I [30:02]

KMRU - Opaque [37:43]

Cucina Povera - Haaksirikkoutunut [43:47]

Chihei Hatakeyama - Violet Emperor on the Highway [48:00]

400 Lonely Things - Vestronomicon [53:09]

KMRU interview

KMRU interview

July 29, 2020



Joseph Kamaru is a sound artist from Nairobi, Kenya who has been building up an intriguing library of tracks on his Bandcamp Page over the last three years. With an approach that combines field recordings and in-studio improvisation his tracks vary between minimalist beat driven electronics to richly detailed and layered ambient soundscapes in the vein of William Basinski or Chris Watson.


His grandfather, also Joseph Kamaru, is one of his early sources of musical interest. The elder Kamaru was a Benga and gospel musician in Kenya starting in the late 1960s and his body of work is the subject of a reissue series on Bandcamp as well. 


This year KMRU has (so far) three full lengths being released, including his debut for the prestigious Editions Mego label. 



Peel was released on July 23th and is available on a 2LP set shipping at the end of August.




I was doing a bit of reading about electronic music from East Africa and it seems like dance, hip hop, and other beat-oriented forms dominate... what got you interested in exploring ambient music?

Yes, there’s a lot of Afro house, HipHop, Gengetone, Singeli, techno, debe and all the other styles of music within East Africa. I’m happy that there’s so much happening and always exciting to discover new sounds here. 

My experimental / ambient works developed more from my love for natural sounds and being in the field. I have been collecting a lot of field recordings from my phone and handy recorder and this developed more into an artistic practice and using this sounds as compositional tools. This has been a learning process for the past 3 years and still learning more about it.

Listening to your earliest recordings on Bandcamp, the field recordings and structures are much more on the surface of the sound... how has this changed over time?

I get inspired in the field. Other times its different as id find myself improvising/ jamming in my space and recording different sound palettes which I then use for compositions. It’s always spontaneous and free. I love improvisation, both in the field and in the box.


From an outside perspective, and especially from North America, casual listeners sometimes expect to hear direct representation of cultural identity from artists in other parts of the world. Do you feel any pressure, either positive or negative, to include cultural markers in your art?

Artists should be free to express themselves however they want and feel, stay honest with their art, and stay authentic, which is so hard and always a learning process. [As for markers] not at first, but this has really evolved and changed a lot in the past few years. Also, the fact that my grandfather did a totally different kind of music from what I’m doing, he taught me a lot and grateful for that!


How does listening... both environmental and to other similar artists... play into your creation of music? Are there any artists that have been especially influential?

My grandfather, we and my other cousins used to go to walks and hikes down the hills and waterfalls for conversations and talks with him, He had a strong connection with the nature, and later came to realize this also in his music.

Other artists who have been an inspiration and influential are Slikback, Nicolas Jaar  Katie Gately , Chris Watson & Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, and currently listening a lot to Aho Ssan and Sarah Badr.


How did the deal with Editions Mego come about?

Peel was the perfect project to send to Editions Mego, and glad the project found such a beautiful home.


Have the limitations due to Covid-19 affected any of your work or plans?

Yes, my 2020 was looking very promising, had a couple of shows lined up in Europe from April-June. Most of the shows were affected but whilst I’m not performing, I’m always busy writing and this pandemic has led to lots of new project developments. 


With two full lengths already coming out in 2020 what are your goals moving forward?

There’ll be another one coming up later in the year. Well, I’m planning to do my Masters later this year. I'll still be releasing more works, but also finish my installation projects, and if we can play live again, I'll be happy to share my music live!



Surgery 225

Surgery 225

July 21, 2020


Nuel - Fantasia (Apollo)

Kaboom Karavan - The Log and the Leeway (Miasmah)

Porya Hatami - Kani + Remixes (Dronarivm)

Mary Lattimore - Silver Ladder (Ghostly)

Noveller - The Thing (Self Released)

Robin Schlochtermeier - Spectral (Denovali)

bvdub - Wrath & Apathy (n5MD)

Tomotsugu Nakamura - Literature (Laaps)

Hakobune - Solitude (Polar Seas)

Rinnovare - Ingrávido (Ambientologist)

Christine Ott - Chimeres [pour ondes Martenot] (Nahal)

Phill Niblock - G2,44+/x2 (Room40)


Track Listing


Nuel - Pollyanna! [0:00]

Kaboom Karavan - Mindus [5:37]

Porya Hatami - Kani (night) [Arovane Remix][11:08]

Mary Lattimore - Sometimes He's in My Dreams [15:14]

Noveller - The Thing [18:54]

Robin Schlochtermeier - Woodlouse [22:53]

bvdub - Fight & Flight [26:44]

Tomotsugu Nakamura - Stellar Burial [30:28]

Hakobune - Furiko [34:10]

Rinnovare - Still Fabrication [41:37]

Christine Ott - Comma [46:01]

Phill Niblock - Guitar Too, For Four (excerpt) [52:00]

Surgery 224

Surgery 224

July 7, 2020


Ital Tek - Dream Boundary (Planet Mu)

Hidden Rivers - Plainsight Lakes (Serein)

[.que] - And Inside (Sound in Silence)

Qasim Naqvi - Beta (Erased Tapes)

Mark Templeton - Ocean Front Property (Senufo Editions)

Akisai - Re:Consideration (Schole)

Lucrecia Dalt - No era sólida (RVNG)

Yui Ondera - Ray (Serein)

Noveller - Arrow (Ba Da Bing!)

Blod - Livets Ord (Aguirre)

Blochemy - Nia (Hibernate)

Jens Pauly - Below (Whitelabrecs)


Track Listing


Ital Tek - Deletion Quarter [0:00]

Hidden Rivers - Rosunn [5:20]

[.que] - Divagate [9:25]

Qasim Naqvi - Matic [13:56]

Mark Templeton - Reporter Missing [17:05]

Akisai - Repetition [21:15]

Lucrecia Dalt - Disuelta [27:06]

Yui Ondera - Ray 1 [30:11]

Noveller - Pattern Recognition [35:25]

Blod - Trygghet [38:13]

Blochemy - Nia [48:56]

Jens Pauly - Solve [52:38]

Surgery 223

Surgery 223

June 23, 2020


This episode highlights a few things... longer tracks, for one... collaborations, for another... and labels that are engaging in a bit of fundraising. I used a few tracks from the Whitelabrecs series called "Home Diaries" last episode. They are now around 25 releases into it, and the digital only releases are helping keep the label afloat during a period where manufacturing and shipping physical items is challenging or impossible. For their part Hibernate has been filling in with their Postcard series, putting out EPs in the PWYC model called #TwoPointSixChallenge, with all funds raised going to charities. Check out both series, and as always, stay safe and healthy.

Will Bolton - Downstream (Hibernate)

Gimmik - Entre Les Chambres (n5MD)

Fabio Orsi - Di Lumi E Chiarori (Backwards)

Enrico Coniglio & Giulio Aldinucci - Stalking the Elusive (Dronarivm)

Lake Mary & M. Sage - Shepherd's Bridge (M. Sage)

Polaroid Notes - Home Diaries 014 (Whitelabrecs)


Track Listing


Will Bolton - Rubber Bands and Broken Dreams [0:00]

Gimmik - La peau de la femme (excerpt) [9:09]

Fabio Orsi - Il Cerchio Di Una Notte [12:58]

Enrico Coniglio & Giulio Aldinucci - It Will Not Snow Again [28.33]

Lake Mary & M. Sage - Towards the Golden Light [36:34]

Palaroid Notes - M [57:15]

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