Surgery 170


I was rushed for time this week so you are all getting a "ten minute track" show.

Essentially I dove into iTunes and picked 6 tracks that all hovered around 10 minutes in duration and that fit fairly well together as a mix and voila!

As with previous years time becomes an issue through the Spring/Summer months, so Surgery will likely go to once a month for the next four months... but who knows... I may fill in the gaps with more "Vintage" episodes as they are already on hand.


So Percussion - Glenn Kotche: Drumkit Quartets (Cantaloupe Music)
Pierre Bastien - Blue As An Orange (Morphine Records)
Dusted Lux  - Neverended (Preservation)
Lubomyr Melnyk - Rivers and Streams (Erased Tapes)
Sollilja - In Looking, Disappears (Hospital Productions)
Christina Vantzou - 3.5 (Nº3 remixes) (Self-released)

Track Listing

So Percussion - Drumkit Quartet No. 51 [0:00]
Pierre Bastien - Tin Unit [10:02]
Dusted Lux - What is True [19:52]
Lubomyr Melnyk - The Pools of Memories [30:24]
Sollilja - Peninsula [40:46]
Christina Vantzou - Laurie Spiegel (The Sight Below remix) [50:57]


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